Educator Workshop Series

Unpacking Resilience

Resilience in the classroom is a hot topic these days but we often treat it superficially and expect teachers to simply know how to nurture their own resilience and that of their students. Resilience is our ability to bounce back from stress, failure, challenges and events that impact us deeply to come back to a positive mindset and feel empowered. And it is something we develop through experience. What does that mean for classrooms where teachers are worn out and students may lack foundational life experience? And what is the impact on learning?  Join us to learn how to tap into this innate “superpower” and understand the combining factors that contribute to an individual being truly resilient. Learn personal strategies for fueling your own resilience, short and long-term, and how to incorporate practical strategies into the classroom to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for everyone.

Re-Igniting a Sense of Well-Being, Connection & Belonging

The challenges facing schools today are unprecedented and call for a collaborative and holistic approach to support a greater sense of well-being, connection and belonging in schools. What if students were better able to access, express and regulate their own well-being? What if we could create safer, more inclusive classroom environments that fostered an authentic sense of connection and belonging? And what if we could inspire positive change from young people themselves? Join us for an interactive workshop to learn how to harness intuitive tools to create a common language that enables a supportive and nurturing environment for everyone. Learn how to create a common language that ignites a positive sense of agency in young people and creates transformation from within.