Junior Program

Curriculum Modules

The Junior Program addresses core SEL competencies and expands understanding around what it means to be a whole person. The main focus is on self-expression and honouring one’s uniqueness, while embracing the same in others.

Introduction to the Captain and Poet

1. We Are All the Same Because We Are All Different
2. Meet the Captain and the Poet
3. The Captain and Poet in Me!
4. Connecting to Your Captain and Poet Through Music
5. Captain and Poet Explorers
6. Better Together
7. Captains and Poets are Everywhere
8. Captains and Poets in the Classroom
9. My Friends the Captain and the Poet
10. Expressing Your Captain and Poet in Art
11. Captains and Poets in Novels
12. Captains and Poets in TV Shows and Movies
13. Expressing Your Captain and Poet Through Story
14. School/Board Character Education Module
15. The Masks We Wear
16. Being MY Best Captain and Poet
17. Declaring My Captain and Poet
18. My Captain and Poet Emoji

SEL and Well-Being

1. The Superpower of Empathy
2. The Superpower of Compassion
3. The Superpower of Resilience
4. The Superpower of Curiosity
5. The Superpower of Courage
6. Emotions as Messengers
7. Cracking Our Emotions
8. Captain and Poet Yoga

Identity, Belonging and Inclusion

1. Creating Brave Spaces
2. Everyone Has a Story
3. What is Identity?
4. Circles of Identity
5. Playing Identity Detective
6. Celebrating Our Differences
7. Captains and Poets of Inclusion
8. Who Do I Want to Be?