Partnership Development

Partnership Engagement Lead - South East Asia
Tinus is a Civil Engineer by trade and for the past 14 years has followed his passion in education. Starting as an English teacher, he worked his way into education management and is now handling business development in the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) space. Tinus is passionate about helping others to learn and be the best they can be and prides himself in designing and delivering creative business solutions that benefit all stakeholders. He draws on a well-rounded set of experience in project management, business development, market research, customer service and marketing to enable schools with ready, workable solutions that align to their mission and priorities. Tinus is fuelled by an endless sense of creativity and integrity in everything he does. In his personal time, he enjoys woodworking ,helping around the neighborhood and is always passionate about teaching English in a creative and fun way.
Partnership Engagement Lead - Canada
Jacqui is an experienced executive leader with a focus on building global brands via innovation, product and business development. Drawing on her vast operational experience in both global and small businesses, Jacqui brings strong strategic approaches, authentic relationship development and an energetic leadership style to organizations ready to scale. She is seasoned at stewarding organizational strategy through disruption and change and has honed her ability to quickly pivot businesses to deliver results under consumer stress, change and economic disruption. Jacqui has a magnetic personality and a deep commitment to being a part of building a better world for her grandchildren. She is passionate about building educational programs that promote new avenues for student success in turbulent times and is fearless in her mission to unite with parents, educators and organizations committed to creating the kind of change we need to see in the world
Anna Roemokoy
Partnership Engagement Lead - South East Asia
Anna brings over 20 years' experience in public relations, marketing communications and customer relations and services delivery. She has also been a teaching assistant and language coach and is experienced in delivering IQ, EQ, and S.E.L. (Social Emotional Learning) learning resources and curriculum solutions to Early Learners (ages 5-8). She has vast experience as an account manager to educational establishments including schools, educational organizations, entrepreneurs and home school environments in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific. Anna is passionate about providing accessible tools and materials to support the emotional wellness of children and is familiar with the challenges of delivering integrated SEL programs and strives to deliver accessible and affordable solutions to her clients that align to their key priorities. Anna is fluent in English with Bahasa Indonesia as her mother-tongue and has exceptional communication skills along with a passion for writing.
Partnership Engagement Lead - United Arab Emirates & U.S.A
Joy is a passionate educator, exuberant presenter and founder of Buckner Education where she works with teachers, leaders, and industry experts around the globe to break down silos and promote a more holistic approach that optimizes innovation, collaboration and learning in education. Joy takes pride in moving people beyond their fears to better their practice. Having been diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of twelve, Joy is driven by her own lived experience to enable educators with strategies that provide emotional and academic support to diverse learners. She is an expert in curriculum and instructional design with over twenty years of experience in the US, UK and the UAE as a Consultant, Senior Leader, Literacy Specialist, Instructional Coach, School Inspector, and Facilitator.
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Katrina MacGibbon (She/Her)

Partnership Engagement Lead - Australia
Katrina MacGibbon holds a Masters of Education from OISE where she studied Human Development and Applied Psychology. Katrina has worked for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Bangladesh as a Consultant implementing inclusion and empowerment programs for youth. She also managed a number of democratic governance projects that focused on child advocacy in youth detention centres. Katrina has also worked with WE Charity, a notable Canada-based global charity organization, leading strategy and operations for international learning campaigns delivering tools for educators and students to engage in social justice and fundraising actions. She has also consulted and advised non-profit organizations on educational curriculum strategy, development and implementation. Katrina is most passionate about creating more supportive and inclusive spaces for young people to thrive to their fullest expression. Katrina moved to Australia in 2020 and enjoys yoga, meditation, time by the beach and being out in nature with her family.