Primary Program

Curriculum Modules

The Primary Program introduces a number of SEL competencies to help students recognize key aspects of themselves and those around them. The main focus is on self-awareness and honouring one’s uniqueness, while embracing the same in others. 

Introduction to the Captain and Poet

1. We Are All the Same Because We Are All Different
2. Meet the Captain and the Poet
3. My Treasure Box!
4. Captain and Poet Dance Party
5. The Captain and Poet in Me!
6. Watch Me Being a Captain and Poet
7. The Captain and Poet Experience Things Together
8. My Captain and Poet in Action
9. Better Together
10. My Friends the Captain and the Poet
11. Captains and Poets in the Classroom
12. Being MY Best Captain and Poet
13. My Captain and Poet Self-Portrait

Extension Lessons

1. Captains and Poets in Story Books
2. School/Board Character Education Module
3. The Superpower of Kindness
4. The Superpower of Empathy
5. Cracking Our Emotions
6. Captain and Poet Yoga
7. Identity Quilt
8. What is Identity?
9. Identity Treasure Chest
10. Captains and Poets Include Everyone