our programs foster emotional courage and inspired action

Captains & Poets offers turn-key, teacher-led, SEL & inclusion curriculum. Our programming is simple but rich and can be applied to a single classroom or leveraged school-wide to establish a more inclusive culture.  There is a Captain and a Poet in every one of us and together we can empower young people to be their best, full and authentic selves.

This program is designed to highlight the fact that while we are all unique, we have a lot in common on the inside.  The main focus is on reinforcing that we all possess similar qualities that may be experienced or expressed differently.

This program is designed to raise self-awareness around how we navigate the world around us. The main focus is on being active in the formation of our own identity to foster acceptance of the same personal journey in others.

This program is designed to inquire into the challenges of navigating the inner and outer dynamics of identity in a complex world. The main focus is on making connections between authentic expression of identity and how it contributes to a more inclusive society.