Senior Program

Curriculum Modules

The Senior Program addresses a comprehensive set up SEL competencies and inquires into the challenges of navigating the inner and outer dynamics of identity in a complex world. The main focus is on self-leadership and the formation and expression of the authentic self while encouraging more inclusive attitudes, behaviours and social environments.

Introduction to the Captain and Poet

1. We Are All the Same Because We Are All Different
2. Meet the Captain and the Poet
3. Reconnecting with Your Younger Captain and Poet
4. Captain and Poet Traits and Values
5. Your Captain and Poet Soundtrack
6. Better Together
7. Captains and Poets are Everywhere
8. The Captain and Poet as Role Models
9. Seeing the Captain and Poet in Everyone
10. Captain and Poet Friendship
11. The Masks We Wear
12. Uncovering Captains and Poets in Social Media
13. Your Authentic Captain and Poet
14. Acknowledging the Captain and Poet in Others
15. Declaring My Captain and Poet
16. Being MY Best Captain and Poet
17. My Captain and Poet Avatar

History, Social Studies, Literature & The Arts

1. Captains and Poets in TV Shows and Movies
2. Captains and Poets in Novels
3. Character Analysis
4. Expressing Your Captain and Poet through Story
5. Poets Who Knew Their Captains
6. Spoken Word / Poetry Slam
7. Captains and Poets Visual Poetry
8. Expressing Your Captain and Poet in Visual Media
9. Captains and Poets in the News
10. Famous Captain and Poet Quotes
11. My Captain and Poet Ancestors
12. Captains Who Knew Their Poets
13. Unpacking the Word Captain

Career Education

1. Your Captain and Poet Resume
2. Captain and Poet Careers
3. Meaningful Goal Setting

Character & Values Education

1. School/Board Character Education Module
2. Captain and Poet Values
3. Captain and Poet Heroes
4. Doing the Right Thing Ain’t Always Easy
5. Self-Discipline as an Expression of Who You Are
6. What the World Needs Now
7. The Butterfly Effect


1. The Superpower of Empathy
2. The Superpower of Compassion
3. The Superpower of Resilience
4. The Superpower of Gratitude
5. The Superpower of Curiosity
6. The Superpower of Courage
7. The Magic Formula – Emotional Courage
8. The Magic Formula – Inspired Action

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & Well-Being

1. Using Your Emotions as a Compass
2. Trusting Your Gut
3. Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone
4. Making Good Choices and Decisions
5. Introversion and Extroversion
6. Vulnerability as a Strength
7. The Power of Conflict
8. Conquering Your Inner Saboteurs
9. The Impact of Shame and Guilt
10. Captain and Poet Yoga

Identity, Belonging & Inclusion

1. Creating Brave Spaces
2. Everyone Has a Story
3. Beginnings and Endings
4. Circles of Identity
5. Lived Experience and Identity
6. Exploring Bias
7. Playing Identity Detective
8. Celebrating Our Differences
9. Lenses of Inclusion
10. Captains and Poets as Agents of Inclusion
11. Creating Inclusive Community Spaces
12. The Butterfly Effect
13. Who Do I Want to Be?