Pro-Grant (Innovation) Workshop 2022-23

Fostering a Healthy Sense of Identity, Inclusion & Belonging in Schools

About the Workshop

Creating a true sense of inclusion and belonging within the school environment means engaging parents/caregivers in meaningful dialogue that creates sustainable change. Captains & Poets is offering a one-hour workshop that opens up new pathways to about inclusion and belonging in the school community in an approachable way enabling parents, educators and students to:

  • Foster new and more diverse alliances
  • Create a more positive school culture
  • Amplify key messaging around inclusion and belonging in your school
  • Open up critical conversations that foster deeper connection with parents/caregivers
  • Support a culture of kindness, compassion and vulnerability
  • Ignite positive transformation from students themselves

Join us to uncover simple and innovative approaches to exploring, encouraging and embracing authentic identity in your school community!


Jan Frolic,Co-Founder

Jan Frolic 

Jan is the Co-Founder of Captains & Poets, a parent of three, a committed leader and champion in the DEI space, and is on a mission to empower young people to be self-aware, inclusive, and engaged global citizens.

Jeff, Perera, Headshot

Jeff Perera

Jeff is the founder of Higher Unlearning and is a gifted storyteller and TEDx talk speaker on subjects related to gender, race and empathy-building and aims to inspire self-leadership to create a positive impact on the world.

Nicole Emanuel Consultant

Nicole Emanuel 

Nicole is an advocate and consultant on educational reform, organizational change and anti-oppression. She is focused on creating safe spaces for community members to proactively use their voice and question the boundaries of what is possible.

Customize Your Workshop!

$995 - $1495
  • 60-90 minutes / Virtual or in-person workshop
  • 1-3 facilitators (depending on area of focus)
  • Customized to address key issues and needs specific to your school community
  • Pre-Workshop for Students (after school/lunch hour) and/or Showcase of student work and voice
  • Pre and Post-Assessment Tools (for parents/teachers/students) to gather input and measure impact
  • Build and Actionable 3-Step Plan
  • Access to Books & Resources to bridge communication with the home environment and foster student success

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