Turn-Key & Custom SEL Solutions

Captains & Poets offers turn-key, teacher-led, curriculum along with custom SEL solutions. Our program is highly adaptable and can be applied to a single classroom or leveraged school-wide to establish a more inclusive culture.  There is a Captain and a Poet in every one of us and together we can empower young people to be their best, most authentic selves!

SEL Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum is organized by grade level and aligns to subject-matter learning outcomes.

Primary (Ages 5-8)

Junior (Ages 9-12)

Senior (Ages 13-18)

Our engaging, high-impact workshops can be customized to the needs and priorities of your school.
Learning how to be the best leader you can be starts with self-leadership. Discover and develop your innate abilities - wherever you are on the leadership journey.
Learn how to be your best, most authentic self, be a good teammate, make decisions that are good for you, navigate a world full of change, discover your unique abilities - and more!
Learn how to identify and harness your unique Superpowers of empathy, compassion, resilience, curiosity, gratitude and courage to be your best version of you!
Teachers are in need of well-being strategies and support more than ever. Gain insights into your own innate abilities to thrive and how to model and bring SEL to life in the classroom
Principals are facing unprecedented challenges and staff need support more than ever. Draw on proven tools and strategies to impact your school in positive ways.
Parents are key partners in implementing effective SEL programming. Learn how to support student success and to bring important conversations to life at home.


Kick off with an inspiring talk that sets your implementation up for success and aligns to key messaging. Our Keynote Speakers are experts in our program and model authentic self-leadership and the strength that is found in vulnerability. They take an interactive approach to bring key concepts to life in relatable ways and help create a more safe and inclusive space to explore the Captain and Poet in everyone.