Turn-Key & Custom SEL Solutions

Captains & Poets offers turn-key, teacher-led, curriculum along with custom SEL solutions. Our program is highly adaptable and can be applied to a single classroom or leveraged school-wide to establish a more inclusive culture.  There is a Captain and a Poet in every one of us and together we can empower young people to be their best, most authentic selves!

Self-Awareness | Connection | Inclusion & Belonging | Leadership


Our comprehensive Primary and Senior curriculum is organized by grade level and aligns to subject-matter outcomes.
Our engaging, high-impact workshops can be customized to the needs and priorities of your school.

Interactive Keynotes

Kick off with an inspiring talk that sets your implementation up for success and aligns to key messaging! An interactive approach bringing key concepts to life in relatable ways.

Homeroom, Form & Advisory Programs

Homeroom and Form Classes are an ideal opportunity to sustain key concepts and competencies from the Captains & Poets program and to integrate well-being and self-awareness into regular routines. This program can be run in parallel with the full curriculum or on its own. There are a variety of modules available with topics ranging from life skills to mindfulness, self-awareness, character development, and inclusion and belonging. Each lesson includes multiple activities to choose from so that it can be customized to your school schedule, the allotted class time and the needs of the group. Start with one module or create your own custom package to engage students in meaningful ways throughout the term or year!

Student Mentoring Programs

Mentoring Programs are a great way to establish a Captains & Poets school culture and ignite transformation from students, themselves. Each program is customized to address target themes in your school to support engagement, contribute to a more positive culture, and elevate leadership capabilities in the school. Mentoring Programs can be aligned to our Workshop offerings or implemented separately. Older students can be trained to deliver aspects of the Captains & Poets program to younger students and to act as role models and mentors to foster connection on the playground, in classrooms, and throughout the school year. Participants are engaged in the planning and design of their mentorship model to inspire a sense of agency and leadership in the school environment.
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