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Parents are key partners in implementing effective SEL programming. Learn how to support student success and to bring to life important conversations at home.

Helping Your Kids Develop an Inner Compass

Kids today are growing up in increasingly complex times and more than ever need to develop an inner compass. With so much change and uncertainty at hand, we all want our young people to grow up to be authentic, compassionate and resilient beings.  Join us to explore the inter-relationship between self-awareness, identity, and well-being and learn strategies for teaching your kids how to thrive in turbulent times. Learn practical strategies for helping them make effective decisions, navigate relationships, be strong self-leaders, and decide who they want to be in a world of change.

Nurturing Your Kids' Superpowers

We all have hidden superpowers within us that have the potential to help us live our best lives. We hear a lot about empathy, compassion, resilience, gratitude, curiosity, and courage these days but sometimes it is difficult to model them and nurture them in our children. Join us to explore the inter-relationship between self-awareness and well-being and discover intuitive strategies for how to bring these important inner resources to life. Learn how to nurture your child’s superpowers and how to empower your child to bring them to life.

Unpacking Resilience

Resilience is a hot topic these days but we often treat it superficially and expect parents to simply know how to nurture their own resilience and that of their children. Resilience is our ability to bounce back from stress, failure, challenges, and events that impact us deeply to come back to a positive mindset and feel empowered. And it is something we develop through experience. What does that mean for children when teachers are worn out and children may lack foundational life experience?  Join us to learn how to tap into this innate “superpower” and understand the combining factors that contribute to an individual being truly resilient. Learn personal strategies for fueling your own resilience, and how to incorporate practical strategies at home to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for everyone.

Other Available Workshops

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Parents are key partners in implementing effective SEL programming. Learn how to support student success and to bring important conversations to life at home.

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