Primary SEL Programming

The Primary SEL Program is designed for students ages 5-12. It includes a comprehensive curriculum with 30 hours of activities to choose from as well as Picture Books and Drawing and Activity Books to reinforce key SEL concepts in the day-to-day and bridge important conversations that promote student success with the home environment.

Captains & Poets’ curriculum is directly aligned to CASEL’s 5 competencies which are designed to “educate the heart and inspire the mind.” The Primary SEL Curriculum includes an Introductory Module to set out key concepts, and an Extension Module including further SEL and Identity related concepts. Download the Activity Summaries for an overview of the lessons.

Self-Awareness | Connection | Inclusion & Belonging | Leadership


Additional Modules

Story & Craft Time

Invite Captains & Poets into your classroom or library for an interactive reading and craft or activity that will foster self-awareness, connection, collaboration and an inclusive classroom environment.

On the Stage

Kick off your Captains & Poets program with an inspiring talk that sets your implementation up for success! Our Keynote Speakers are experts in our program and model authentic self-leadership and the strength that is found in vulnerability. They take an interactive approach to bring key concepts to life in relatable ways and help create a more safe and inclusive space to explore the Captain and Poet in everyone. We will collaborate with you to design a session that engages staff, students and/or parents and aligns to school priorities and messaging.

The Captain & Poet in All of Us!

Finding Your Authentic Self

Soft Skills Are the New Power Skills

Teaching and Modelling Resilience


The Drawing & Activity Book and the Picture Book are designed for students ages 5-12. They are aligned to the lessons and are a fun and engaging way to reinforce key SEL concepts in the day-to-day and bridge important conversations that promote student success with the home environment.
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Aligns to Your Daily Classroom

Comprehensive teacher-led programming adaptable to your classroom needs.

Schools, Districts & Organizations

Augments Existing Programming

Adaptable curriculum and workshops aligned to your priorities.

Parents & Homeschools

Adapts to Family & Home Learning Settings

Comprehensive, engaging programming with a wide variety of applications.

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  • Participation in Youth Advisory Board
  • Mentoring Program
  • Enrolment for Staff (1 per level) in C&P Coaching Certification Course
  • End of Year Student Prize Donation
  • Custom Poster Design
  • Discount on Workshop

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