Our Team

Change starts with the individual.  Change ignites when love and fear collide.

We are advocates, we are corporate leaders and we are innovators. 



Jan Frolic

B.A Honours Sociology

Jan Frolic is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for advocacy.  After 20 years in the media and advertising industry, Jan has spent the last 6 years honing both her advocacy and entrepreneurial skills as Vice President of Women of Influence Worldwide Inc., a global organization that works for the advancement of women in the workplace. 

As Co-Founder of Captains & Poets, she aims to take her expertise around diversity and inclusion to create new pathways for personal identity. There is an urgency required to make both micro and macro change in the diversity, equity, and inclusion landscape and she feels that instilling new ideas in young people and at all levels of society will be the best way to catalyze systemic social change. Jan holds on to the idea that early learning combined with leadership engagement will create equality in home, social, and work environments.

Her most important role is to raise happy and kind, self-aware kids into socially responsible adults. Jan is mother to two teenage boys and a pre-teen girl. She is passionate about building kids who will champion others as adults.



Jennifer Johnson

B.A., B.Ed., M.A.

Jennifer has a Masters in education from OISE (U of T) in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. Her passion for leadership and innovation spans over two decades back to her days as an educator where she authored board curriculum and OSSTF resources for teachers working with students at risk.

Today, she is a seasoned business leader and entrepreneur with first-hand experience spearheading cultural transformation, harnessing millennial demographics, and launching innovative new services. She is an accomplished leader in program and services design, talent optimization, organizational development, and change management.

As Co-Founder of Captains & Poets, Jennifer aims to catalyze the transformation underway in educational and organizational settings to create a world where we all thrive.

Her focus, as a parent of a teen daughter and pre-teen son, is on nurturing self-leadership skills and the ability to navigate an increasingly dynamic world with compassion, resilience, and authenticity.