Empowering Young People to Be Their Best Selves

Captains & Poets provides a simple language that can be woven into daily life to foster greater understanding of self, and enhanced connection to the world around us.  The result is heightened well-being, self-awareness, self-leadership and a greater sense of agency and purpose in the world. When we nurture the whole child, we empower them to reach their full potential!

We ignite transformation from kids themselves!

Self-Awareness | Connection | Inclusion & Belonging | Leadership

Captains & Poets is a unique and groundbreaking Kindergarten – Grade 12 Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program that students will take with them their entire lives! Our research-based program has been built by a passionate team of educators, parents, and consultants to support a more holistic approach to student success.
The premise of the program is that there is a unique Captain and Poet in each of us that, in partnership, enable us to be our best selves. When we learn about our inner Captain and Poet, we gain immediate access to our emotions, our unique gifts and perspectives, and the complexities of what makes us human. We become more resilient, learn how to draw on our innate strengths, and to nurture a positive mindset. 

By inspiring connection to self and others, we encourage a healthier sense of well-being and identity, more positive relationships, and greater agency and purpose in the world.  

We are on a mission to reach as many young people as possible around the world by offering simple but powerful programs that can be easily adapted to classrooms, schools, youth organizations, pastoral programming, and homeschool settings. 


Aligns to Your Daily Classroom

Comprehensive teacher-led programming adaptable to your classroom needs.

Schools, Districts & Organizations

Augments Existing Programming

Adaptable curriculum and workshops aligned to your priorities.

Parents & Homeschools

Adapts to Family & Home Learning Settings

Comprehensive, engaging programming with a wide variety of applications.

Captains & Poets is the SEL program that:

GROWN-UPS wish they had when they were young.

TEACHERS can integrate easily into the classroom.

SCHOOLS can align to key priorities.

PARENTS can bring to life at the dinner table.

STUDENTS will anchor within them for their entire lives.

OUR WORLD needs more than ever!

Interactive Keynotes

Get Inspired. Create Connection. Ignite important conversations around authentic identity in your school. Our Keynote Speakers are experts in our program and model authentic self-leadership and the strength that is found in creating connection and community. They take an interactive approach to bring key concepts to life in relatable ways through storytelling and help create a braver and more inclusive space to explore the Captain and Poet in everyone. We will collaborate with you to design a session that engages staff, students and/or parents and aligns to school priorities and messaging.

What the World Needs Now...

Finding Your Authentic Self

Soft Skills Are the New Power Skills

Harnessing the Captain & Poet in All of Us

Who we work with!

Our Unique Approach

We Leverage Innate Human Drivers

  • We harness young people’s desire for connection, intrinsic need to know themselves and motivation to be self-directed participants in learning.
  • We instill a belief in young people that they are unique, resourceful and whole beings that have everything they need within them to thrive.
  • We balance a top-down approach with igniting transformation from students themselves.

We Create a Common Language

  • We introduce a common SEL language.
  • We bridge school and home environments to enhance communication and support student success.
  • We help create safe and positive environments across co-curricular and extra-curricular environments for students to be their best, authentic selves. 

We Engage Key Stakeholders

  • We engage educators and parents in meaningful ways to ensure everyone is on board.
  • We spark meaningful conversations between school and home to strengthen student’s sense of self.
  • We love to collaborate and adapt our programs for maximum impact.

We Drive Short and Long-Term Impact

  • We infuse SEL into the fabric of your school community on Day 1 to help create a space for greater connection, inclusion and belonging.
  • We enable students with an “inner compass” as young as possible so that they can carry it with them on the journey to adulthood.
  • We promote self-leadership so that students can become healthy, happy adults and caring, engaged, responsible global citizens.

We Aspire to be a Leading-Edge Global Curriculum

  • We test our programming in different contexts, cultures and countries.
  • We integrate new ideas and learnings across implementations in real-time to constantly elevate the quality and impact of our curriculum.
  • We  amplify educator’s voices and lenses on learning, giving them platforms for sharing their perspectives and their work in our global community.
"When I learned about my Poet I felt so strong."
– Grade 7 Student

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