Senior SEL Program

The Senior SEL Program is designed for ages 13-18. It includes extensive curriculum to choose from, high-impact workshops, and a Journal for reinforcing key concepts and bridging with the home environment.


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Priced by Module
  • Curriculum
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Recognition Charts & Certificates

Senior SEL Curriculum

Captains & Poets’ curriculum is directly aligned to CASEL’s 5 competencies which are designed to “educate the heart and inspire the mind.” The Senior SEL Curriculum includes an Introductory Module to set out key concepts and a number of additional modules. Expand the modules below to see the lessons included.

Self-Awareness   |  Self-Management   |  Social Awareness   |  Relationship Skills   |  Responsible Decision Making 

Introductory Lessons

1. We Are All the Same Because We Are All Different
2. Meet the Captain and the Poet
3. Reconnecting with Your Younger Captain and Poet
4. Captain and Poet Traits and Values
5. Your Captain and Poet Soundtrack
6. Better Together
7. Captains and Poets are Everywhere
8. The Captain and Poet as Role Models
9. Seeing the Captain and Poet in Everyone
10. Captain and Poet Friendship
11. The Masks We Wear
12. Uncovering Captains and Poets in Social Media
13. Your Authentic Captain and Poet
14. Acknowledging the Captain and Poet in Others
15. Declaring My Captain and Poet
16. Being MY Best Captain and Poet
17. My Captain and Poet Avatar

History, Social Studies, Literature & The Arts

1. Captains and Poets in TV Shows and Movies
2. Captains and Poets in Novels
3. Character Analysis
4. Expressing Your Captain and Poet through Story
5. Poets Who Knew Their Captains
6. Spoken Word / Poetry Slam
7. Captains and Poets Visual Poetry
8. Expressing Your Captain and Poet in Visual Media
9. Captains and Poets in the News
10. Famous Captain and Poet Quotes
11. My Captain and Poet Ancestors
12. Captains Who Knew Their Poets
13. Unpacking the Word Captain

Career Education

1. Your Captain and Poet Resume
2. Captain and Poet Careers
3. Meaningful Goal Setting

Character & Values Education

1. School/Board Character Education Module
2. Captain and Poet Values
3. Captain and Poet Heroes
4. Doing the Right Thing Ain’t Always Easy
5. Self-Discipline as an Expression of Who You Are
6. What the World Needs Now
7. The Butterfly Effect


1. The Superpower of Empathy
2. The Superpower of Compassion
3. The Superpower of Resilience
4. The Superpower of Gratitude
5. The Superpower of Curiosity
6. The Superpower of Courage
7. The Magic Formula – Emotional Courage
8. The Magic Formula – Inspired Action

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & Well-Being

1. Using Your Emotions as a Compass
2. Trusting Your Gut
3. Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone
4. Making Good Choices and Decisions
5. Introversion and Extroversion
6. Vulnerability as a Strength
7. The Power of Conflict
8. Conquering Your Inner Saboteurs
9. The Impact of Shame and Guilt
10. Captain and Poet Yoga

Identity, Inclusion & Belonging

1. Creating Brave Spaces
2. Everyone Has a Story
3. Beginnings and Endings
4. Circles of Identity
5. Lived Experience and Identity
6. Exploring Bias
7. Playing Identity Detective
8. Celebrating Our Differences
9. Lenses of Inclusion
10. Captains and Poets as Agents of Inclusion
11. Creating Inclusive Community Spaces
12. The Butterfly Effect
13. Who Do I Want to Be?



Homeroom, Form & Advisory Programs

Homeroom and Form Classes are an ideal opportunity to sustain key concepts and competencies from the Captains & Poets program and to integrate well-being and self-awareness into regular routines. This program can be run in parallel with the full curriculum or on its own. 

There are a variety of modules available with topics ranging from life skills to mindfulness, self-awareness, character development, and inclusion and belonging. Each lesson includes multiple activities to choose from so that it can be customized to your school schedule, the allotted class time and the needs of the group. Start with one module or create your own custom package to engage students in meaningful ways throughout the term or year!

SEL Leadership Workshops

Learning how to be the best leader you can be starts with self-leadership. Discover and develop your innate abilities - wherever you are on the leadership journey.
Learn how to be your best, most authentic self, be a good teammate, make decisions that are good for you, navigate a world full of change, discover your unique abilities - and more!
Learn how to identify and harness your unique Superpowers of empathy, compassion, resilience, curiosity, gratitude and courage to be your best version of you!
Teachers are in need of well-being strategies and support more than ever. Gain insights into your own innate abilities to thrive and how to model and bring SEL to life in the classroom
Principals are facing unprecedented challenges and staff need support more than ever. Draw on proven tools and strategies to impact your school in positive ways.
Parents are key partners in implementing effective SEL programming. Learn how to support student success and to bring important conversations to life at home.

Student Mentoring Programs

Mentoring Programs are a great way to establish a Captains & Poets school culture and ignite transformation from students, themselves. Each program is customized to address target themes in your school to support engagement, contribute to a more positive culture, and elevate leadership capabilities in the school. Mentoring Programs can be aligned to our Workshop offerings or implemented separately.

Older students can be trained to deliver aspects of the Captains & Poets program to younger students and to act as role models and mentors to foster connection on the playground, in classrooms, and throughout the school year. Participants are engaged in the planning and design of their mentorship model to inspire a sense of agency and leadership in the school environment.  


Kick off with an inspiring talk that sets your implementation up for success and aligns to key messaging. Our Keynote Speakers are experts in our SEL programs for Senior and model authentic self-leadership and the strength that is found in vulnerability. They take an interactive approach to bring key concepts to life in relatable ways and help create a more safe and inclusive space to explore the Captain and Poet in everyone.


The Journal is designed for students ages 12 and up. It is aligned to the lessons and is a great way to keep SEL concepts alive and well and to bridge with the home environment.

Additional Books

The Introductory Book Series, Drawing & Activity Book and Activity Book may also be suitable for some students. They are also wonderful accompaniments for younger siblings at home.

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