Optimizing the Impact of SEL

We are on a mission to reach as many young people as possible to create generational change. Our research-based program is designed to drive immediate and sustainable results in schools, and long-term impact on students’ personal journeys to adulthood and beyond.

Self-Awareness | Connection | Inclusion & Belonging | Leadership

Top 10 Ways We Amplify Your Impact

Determining how to implement SEL can be overwhelming and it is difficult to know where to start. We minimize the challenges, time and energy required to implement a successful SEL implementation using the following strategies:
  1. We empower teachers with engaging, turn-key K-12 lessons aligned to your curriculum.
  2. We collaborate with your team to create truly remarkable programming customized to the needs of your school.
  3. We offer flexible, on-demand support to make implementation easy.
  4. We leverage Pre and Post-Implementation Assessments to measure impact and ROI.
  5. We inspire with keynote speakers that ignite student and teacher engagement and model living from a place of authenticity, vulnerability and strength.
  6. We deliver high-impact workshops to ignite transformation.
  7. We use student-centred curriculum to optimize the engagement of students.
  8. We incorporate multiple learning modalities and support neurodiverse classrooms.
  9. We provide fun books and resources to support home communication and growth and development in students.
  10. We cultivate SEL competencies in educators so that they can model and integrate the best practices that create caring school communities.

Captains & Poets In Action

Impact on Students

The challenges facing schools today can seem insurmountable and student needs around well-being are complex. Our programming is designed to ignite transformation from kids themselves enabling them to experience the following:

  • Greater self-awareness and openness in communication about their well-being
  • Awareness of their unique strengths and abilities and how to apply them
  • Higher competency around labeling, expressing and regulating emotions
  • A healthier sense of identity and empowerment to be their best self
  • A sense of agency in dealing with challenges and contributing to the world around them
  • Improved relationships, teamwork skills and acceptance of differences
  • The ability to reflect on the impact of their behaviours on themselves and others
  • The ability to set meaningful goals and make more authentic choices
  • Greater capacity for empathy, compassion, resilience and courage
  • The ability to manage stress and move through challenges
  • Recognition of their innate leadership abilities and understanding that everyone is a leader

What Teachers Are Saying!

“What better way to introduce the Captain and Poet to my island classroom than with beach rocks!!! I picked beach rocks and brought them into class for the students to paint. As we painted I explained how these special rocks will remind them of the inner parts of them that they want to work on this summer. They will work on strengthening their inner Captain by trying new things this summer that require them to have more courage. Some will work on strengthening their inner Poet by having more patience during frustrating times and practice taking deep breaths.” – Tracy Arsenault

Ellerslie Elementary School – Public Schools Branch 

“I loved seeing the light in my student’s eyes when he recognized that his Captain could help his Poet and pointed to his heart.”
– Grade 7 Teacher, TDSB
"Captains & Poets gave our young adolescents the space to explore who they are and how they want to show up in the world!"
– Coordinator, Student Wellbeing Programs - Upper Canada College

Captains & Poets Stories

Become A Certified Captains & Poets School!


  • Promotion of School on Social Media
  • Captains & Poets Global, Ambassador Program,
  • Write a guest blog
  • Participation in Youth Advisory Board
  • Mentoring Program
  • Enrollment for Staff (1 per level) in C&P Coaching
  • Certification Course
  • End of Year Student Prize Donation
  • Custom Poster Design
  • Discount on Workshops

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