Captains & Poets is here to support and nurture learning environments that weave SEL into their daily practice. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver programs that enable young people to be their best selves by igniting self-awareness, self-leadership, connection and belonging, and a positive sense of agency in the world.

Who We Are

Captains & Poets has been built by a passionate team of educators, parents, SEL, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) experts devoted to enabling young people to thrive in today’s complex world. 

We are unique in that we harness the intersection between well-being and identity to heighten self-awareness and foster self-leadership. We do this by empowering young people with an inner compass to help them navigate day-to-day challenges and thrive on the journey to adulthood. 

The core of our work lies in connection – to self, to others and to a collective vision for a better world. By nurturing connection, we encourage a sense of belonging, agency and purpose in young people’s lives. 

We believe that self-awareness is the path to inclusion and address critical SEL and inclusion mandates in a holistic way –  starting with self. We enable young people to embrace themselves more fully so they can embrace and celebrate others in the same spirit.

We aren’t just a program. We are a movement. We aim to inspire ‘emotional courage’ and ‘inspired action’ in young people everywhere to make generational impact and create a better world. We need Captains and Poets everywhere in the world right now. Come join us!

A Message From the Co-Founders

Dear Captains and Poets Around the World

In 2018, we felt compelled to create Captains & Poets to give young people an easy language that gives them access to who they are, their innate capabilities, and to navigate the world around them from a place of connection and compassion. 

And what we found was that when we are able to embrace our authentic selves more fully, we are better able to embrace others in the same spirit.  Little did we know how important this would become in the years that followed.

Our Kindergarten to Grade 12 program is designed to inspire greater connection to self and others and all that comes with that – a greater sense of well-being, healthier relationships, and a positive sense of agency in the world.  

When kids learn about their inner Captain and Poet they have immediate access to their emotions, their unique gifts and perspectives, and the complexities of what makes them human. They become more resilient and learn how to draw on their innate strengths and to nurture a positive mindset. They get it. And they get it quickly!

The world is an increasingly complex and dynamic place and we need Captains and Poets everywhere to create the world we all want to live in.  In the words of Jo in our youth documentary, “If everyone was their best Captain and Poet, I think that we would see really true understanding of each other and the world.” 

We work every day to bring our best selves to this work so that we may make this program the best it can be and to inspire the same in this next generation. Our Poets inspired this vision, and our Captains are making it happen – and we welcome you to join us! 


Jan Frolic & Jennifer Johnson