Captains & Poets was founded in 2018 as a social enterprise focusing on consulting in the education and equity space.  Captains & Poets is passionately driven by co-founders who believe in disrupting the status quo and that equity and inclusion transformation needs to start at a younger age.

Together, we need to start having conversations around identity, purpose and belonging earlier. We need to instil in our young people the understanding that they are resourceful and whole beings and have everything they need within them to navigate the journey to adulthood. As educators and caregivers, we need to give them tools to access their inner compass to encourage them to become responsible, caring and actively engaged global citizens. We need to help them live an authentic life and to thrive – to be their best selves – to create a happier and more equitable world.

Our vision is that all people are empowered to be authentic in the unique expression of personal identity resulting in healthier interpersonal relationships, school, community and work environments.