Jeff, Perera, Headshot
Jeff is the founder of higherunlearning.com, a comprehensive online space where you can read written pieces, listen to podcast conversations, and watch interviews with exploring healthy masculinities and how limiting ideas of gender impact us all in everyday life. Drawing on over ten years of advocacy, his presentations and workshops inspire accessible and transformative conversations. Jeff is a gifted storyteller and has spoken to tens of thousands of people across North America including delivering two TEDx talks on subjects related to the construction of gender, helpful versus harmful ideas of manhood, race and masculinity, empathy-building, and men helping end gender-based violence (‘Words Speak Louder that Actions’ and ‘The Ladder of Manhood’). He founded and curated the What Makes A Man conference and previously worked for the White Ribbon Campaign, the world’s largest grassroots effort to engage men in ending violence against women. Whether in the boardroom, on campus, or the locker room, Jeff prides himself in creating brave spaces for real discussion and in inspiring self-leadership in men and boys to create a positive impact on the world and to become models of possibility for others. He is also a facilitator with Captains & Poets where he brings a warm and engaging approach to self-exploration and discovery in young people.
Charles Sue-Wah-Sing is a certified leadership and whole life coach with the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). He is also a member of CTI’s faculty and is responsible for delivering its core curriculum to future leaders and coaches. Charles holds accreditation with the International Coaches Federation and is also a certified Imago Professional Facilitator and Safe Conversations dialogue coach. He has worked with people in all stages of life and sectors including youth, teams, executives, entrepreneurs, creatives, entertainers, coaches, couples to attain fulfillment as a natural state of being. Charles is most passionate about guiding clients through the rites of passage that lead to greater fulfillment, creativity, connection, love, and productivity. He is also a speaker and facilitator having spoken on life purpose, reframing our life stories, growth in relationships, mental fitness, and diversity and inclusion. Fun facts: Charles is a drummer, DJ, golfer, BBQer, an avid reader, and coach of youth soccer and hockey.
Aubrey is a coach, researcher, consultant, futurist, systems thinker, and passionate advocate for positive social transformation and long-term systems innovation and transformation. Aubrey is engaged as the Network Weaver at the Hawaiʻi Leadership Forum facilitating and guiding teams to create scalable impact projects and innovative collaborative efforts. As a mother and advocate in her school community she has taken a strong interest in seeing the needs of underserved children met, helping to found a national Chapter of After School All Stars, a free after school program for at-risk middle school youth.
Nicole has an Honours B.A. in Communications and Political Science from York University and is a facilitator, writer, advocate, and consultant specialized in organizational change and anti-oppression. She is committed to educational reform and community transformation and actively shares her voice, lived experience and leadership by participating on local advisory boards, parent councils, boards of directors and advocacy groups. Nicole is a seasoned professional and strategic leader who is highly skilled at taking a collaborative approach with all stakeholders. Her work centers around helping folks find the language, self-awareness and courage to embrace the intersections of their identity, proactively use their voice and question the boundaries of what is possible. In every piece she writes and each session she facilitates, Nicole aims to make it easier to engage in the awkward, bold and necessary conversations needed to identify, disrupt and challenge systems of oppression.
Daniel, Bernardo, Professional, Headshot
Daniel is a coach with over twelve years of experience focusing on visioning, personal transformation and living with intentionality. He takes pride in drawing on a multi-disciplinary approach to enable clients to move through the challenges in front of them to pursue their long-term dreams. Daniel is certified in multiple modalities including The Science of Well-Being with Yale University, the Co-Active model with CTI, Holistic Healing with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Transformational Coaching with Synergy Education and Men’s Emotional Leadership Training with EVRYMAN. As a new father, he is passionate about empowering young people to draw on what is inside of them to create a better future for themselves and others.
Nina is a facilitator, coach and meditation teacher whose practice focuses on emotional fitness, stress management and personal development. Nina has been practicing and studying meditation for 45 years with accreditation from the internationally recognized Centre for Mindfulness Studies in Toronto. As a co-founder of Heartache 2 Hope, Nina is a passionate advocate for education on suicide having designed and delivered mindful-based stress reduction and coping strategies programming for those dealing with suicide loss. She also leads Jon Kabat-Zinn's Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program. But most of all, she is a dedicated mother and community member invested in making a difference in people’s lives.