Captains & Poets gives young people (and adults too!) an easy language to identify key aspects of what makes up who we are. Each and every one of us has a Captain and Poet inside – and yet, they are unique in each of us.

Self-Awareness | Connection | Inclusion & Belonging | Leadership

The Captain

is the part of us that goes us out into the world and navigates challenges, sets goals, makes decisions and takes us on new adventures.

The Poet

is everything that stirs deep inside of us – our emotions, imagination, values, aspirations, dreams and more.

Unique in Each of Us

Everyone’s Captain and Poet is a little different and we each have key Captain and Poet traits that are unique to us. For example, on most days, your Captain may be bold and your Poet may be creative.

When we encounter a situation where we need to be more decisive or empathetic or courageous, our Captain and Poet are there to help us bring these traits forward and be our best selves in that moment.

Our Captains and Poets can show up differently across various contexts (e.g., school, work, home, on a team, etc.) and in different stages of our life journey. The beautiful thing about them is, just like us, they continue to evolve. 

Better Together

In partnership, the Captain and Poet help us to be our best, most authentic self. The beauty of the Captain and Poet relationship is they enhance one another’s greatest strengths. The Captain nudges the Poet to be more self-expressed, to share that idea, to go after our dreams. The Poet reminds the Captain of what is most important and what is in their heart.

Paired together, the Captain and Poet marry awareness with action, vision with strategy, idealism with practicality, dreaming with actualization. Together, they heighten self-awareness, connection, fulfillment and impact at each turn. When our Captain and Poet are in partnership and in balance we are able to be our best, fullest, most authentic selves!

Reflecting Back

When we reflect back on our lives, we can see when our Captain and Poet have shown up fully, when they have been more hidden, and the impact this has had on our choices, potential, and happiness. The journey to our true selves is never-ending.

Many of us remember those first moments in our young lives when we became self-conscious and started to shut parts of ourself down. We may have received a message from the world around us that somehow we weren’t enough, we were wrong, or we were different. By introducing the Captain and Poet at the earliest age possible, we want children to have these tools in their back pocket their entire lives so that they can be their best, fullest, most authentic selves every step of the way!

Living from a Place of Emotional Courage and Inspired Action

When our Captain and Poet are fully present and expressed, we are able to live our lives from a place of EMOTIONAL COURAGE and INSPIRED ACTION

Emotional Courage is being brave enough to live from a true and authentic place. It is about not being afraid to show the world who we are. When we operate from emotional courage, being vulnerable is a strength. And when we give ourselves access to the most important parts of ourselves – our emotions, our passions, our truth – we connect more powerfully with others.

Inspired Action creates a dynamic in us whereby we act and respond more intentionally and in alignment with our values. It builds self-trust as we draw on our inner wisdom to go after what is most important to us. It can mean making more conscious choices, living from purpose, being joyful in what we are doing, or channelling our energies to make a difference in the world.

Both emotional courage and inspired action harness the purest, most powerful parts of who we are to create the life we want to create. And when our Captains and Poets all work together we make the world an AMAZING place!

How Would YOU Describe Your Captain and Poet?

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