Emotions As Notifications

Your Emotions Are Notifications. What Are They Telling You?

by Jeff Perera Don’t judge, but if you’re like me, you have your phone in...
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Balancing the Triad of Trauma, SEL and Inclusion

by Adrian Mack   With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting business as usual for many schools...
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Velvet,red curtain opening on stage

SEL Goes Mainstage

By Adrianna McQuaid Back to school season is here, but there’s nothing familiar or predictable...
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A Principal’s Perspective on Captains & Poets

By Simon Storey You get a powerful impression of the culture of a school as...
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Captains & Poets is for Students AND Teachers

By Karen Papadopoulos As a teacher with the Durham District School Board for 23 years...
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Creating a New View of Boys Being Boys

By Jan Frolic  I was just recovering from a year-long depression over endless dialogue around...
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Meet Jennifer Johnson Co-Founder Captains & Poets

I am Jennifer Johnson, Co-Founder of Captains & Poets and I am so grateful to be connected with...
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Meet Jan Frolic Co-Founder Captains & Poets

I am Jan Frolic, Co-Founder of Captains & Poets and SVP at Women of Influence Worldwide Inc., and I...
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The Kids Are Not Alright – But They Can Be

“Stressed and overwhelmed!” That’s how 10-year-old Owen* says he’s feeling, amidst the third wave of...
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