Not (Just) Another Journal (Ages 12-15)

As part of the Captains & Poets library of resources, this Journal has been designed for children 12-15 years of age. This fun, approachable and interactive journal is full of creative pages designed to appeal to different learning styles and to make journalling and self-reflection more engaging. It is designed to help young people explore their inner Captain and Poet and to learn how they can support them in being their best and full self.

The Meet the Poet section connects them with the heart and soul of what makes them who they are so they can live life from their unique gifts and aspirations. The Meet the Captain section connects them with the power of taking charge of their lives and stepping into their journey in both small and big ways. The Better Together section explores how the magical partnership between their unique Captain and Poet supports them to thrive as they navigate the journey to adulthood.

We believe that young people have everything they need inside of them to be authentic in the world, to embrace others in the same spirit and to live a life of meaning and purpose. And when they share their Captain and Poet with the world, the world is theirs!

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