Calling All Bright Lights!

The headlines in education today have us looking for the answers. We are continually seeking ground-breaking research, searching for best practices, looking for accessible and engaging content, keeping ourselves inspired with motivational memes, all while waiting for the conditions around us to shift for the better. 

We have the privilege of speaking with teachers and school leaders around the world each day and we know firsthand that there is more to the story beyond the headlines. There are SO MANY of you who are showing up as your full selves for your teams and your students. SO MANY of you who are making a real difference delivering exceptional programming and inspiring young people to reach their full potential. WE SEE YOU! And we want you to be seen and heard – your voice, passion, and light magnified. It is Bright Light educators like you who are carrying the torch in times of change.

Imagine if we mined each of your gold, shared your inspiration, pooled the excitement and the momentum of the impact you are having every single day as a collective. A Community of Bright Light Educators…

Be The Change

Captains & Poets is calling all “Bright Light” teachers and school leaders! Nominate someone or tell us a little about what makes you or your team Bright Lights so we can showcase your work to inspire and empower other educators around the world to find their bright light within. Together, let’s amplify our impact and create the shift we all want to see!