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We have a wide range of Teacher SEL Workshops to offer that can be customized to your needs.

SEL as a Reflective Practice

The teacher is at the centre of class dynamics and research shows that teachers who embody SEL competencies are better able to create an environment where students can thrive. By developing our own reflective practice we become able to monitor and regulate our own emotional state so that we may more fully embody what we want to see in our students. Learn how to fortify and strengthen SEL competencies using an inquiry and asset-based approach that takes your mastery to a new level. Explore strategies for enhancing our connection with ourselves and others to augment opportunities for growth and development for everyone. 

SEL Integration

SEL is often seen as an add-on and yet research shows learning is relational in every aspect. An integrated approach to SEL taps into the innate abilities and drivers within students and contributes to greater engagement in learning, a culturally responsive curriculum, and deeper understanding of self and others.  It heightens students’ sense of agency, supports a more self-directed approach to learning, and empowers teachers to harness the factors at play to create a more cohesive and engaging classroom.  Join us to take inventory of SEL practices so that you can recognize where it already exists, identify opportunities to infuse it, and prioritize key strategies that will heighten your impact on classroom dynamics and learning.




The times we are living in put us all at risk of feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, and disconnected at times. But what if we could use these challenging times to create a better version of ourselves? And what if we could use this shared experience to support one another in simple but powerful ways? Join us to learn about your inner Captain and Poet and how they can help you reconnect with what matters most to you, reignite a sense of well-being and motivation, connect more deeply with others, and find a renewed sense of purpose in all that you do. 

Unpacking Resilience

Resilience in the classroom is a hot topic these days but we often treat it superficially and expect teachers to simply know how to nurture their own resilience and that of their students. Learn about the combining factors that contribute to each of our signature approaches to resilience and identify strategies for fueling your own resilience while creating a nurturing environment for everyone.

Fighting Compassion Fatigue

At the heart of education is a service of deep care and yet if we do not know how to properly engage our heart and mind in response to the demands of teaching we can be left feeling drained. Compassion for others should not come at the cost of our own well-being. Learn how to refuel using practical exercises and strategies that help keep your cup full while enabling you to serve others.

Motivation in a Time of Overwhelm

Motivation is sometimes hard to find, especially when we feel overwhelmed and without a clear sense of direction and purpose. Learn the science of motivation and how you can harness this limitless resource to reignite your own, while motivating your team or class. Take this opportunity to rediscover what energizes you inside and outside the classroom and get inspired to take your best self into the future.

Nurturing Your Superpowers Inside and Outside the Classroom

We hear a lot about the superpowers of empathy, compassion, resilience, gratitude, curiosity, and courage these days but they aren’t always easy to practice – and they show up a little differently in everyone. Learn about the latest research on each and how to apply it to yourself and your students. Identify and leverage your natural superpowers to strengthen the ones you need to work on so they can all have greater influence and presence in your life.

Mindfulness as a Way of Being

Mindfulness is a natural partner to SEL as it enhances self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-care.  It is not only a set of practices but a way of being that helps us keep our inner and outer worlds in balance and generates greater ease and happiness in the day-to-day. Learn strategies for navigating stress, understanding your triggers, operating from a place of centredness, enhancing your well-being, and promoting a healthier environment around you.


Custom Workshops

Is there a specific topic you are interested in exploring on a deeper level?  We love to collaborate and design custom programming based on the needs and interests of participants. And chances are if you want it, someone else does too so please reach out!

Other Available Workshops

Learning how to be the best leader you can be starts with self-leadership. Discover and develop your innate abilities - wherever you are on the leadership journey.
Learn how to be your best, most authentic self, be a good teammate, make decisions that are good for you, navigate a world full of change, discover your unique abilities - and more!
Learn how to identify and harness your unique Superpowers of empathy, compassion, resilience, curiosity, gratitude and courage to be your best version of you!
Teachers are in need of well-being strategies and support more than ever. Gain insights into your own innate abilities to thrive and how to model and bring SEL to life in the classroom
Principals are facing unprecedented challenges and staff need support more than ever. Draw on proven tools and strategies to impact your school in positive ways.
Parents are key partners in implementing effective SEL programming. Learn how to support student success and to bring important conversations to life at home.

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