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Learn how to be your best, most authentic self, be a good teammate, make decisions that are good for you, navigate a world full of change, discover your unique abilities – and more!

Self-Awareness | Connection | Inclusion & Belonging | Leadership


Children’s ability to imagine and dream is a natural resource available to support student well-being and a positive sense of agency in the world. In this workshop, students will explore their personal strengths and gifts and come together to imagine and dream of their individual and collective futures.  Through art-based activities, students will gain an appreciation for the uniqueness of themselves and each other while fostering a sense of connection and belonging in the school community. 

Everyone Has a Story

Our children are growing up in complex times and what we want most for them is to be alright. Promoting well-being and inclusion in schools starts with self-awareness and connection to self. Nurturing authenticity, compassion, and connection contributes to well-being and inclusion in schools. In this workshop, students will discover their unique strengths and gifts and recognize that “we are all the same because we are all different”. Through story, students will gain appreciation for individual experiences while connecting on the common language of Captain and Poet and how they show up in other students’ lives.

Well-Being and Me!

One day things are great and the next they are upside down. Life can be challenging sometimes, and we need to take care of ourselves along the way. We each have everything we need inside of us to live our lives with more ease and happiness. Join us to learn about your inner Captain and Poet and how they can help you keep your inner and outer worlds in better balance and give you strategies for navigating what is in front of you. Learn how to develop an inner compass for understanding what you need, making good choices, and feeling good about it!

Being Your Best Self

Being a kid today can be overwhelming. We are faced with choices, expectations and conflicting messages from the world around us on who we need to be and how we need to act – it all gets so confusing sometimes! What we all sometimes forget is that the answers are already inside of us.  Join us to explore your inner Captain & Poet and discover simple strategies for identifying your unique strengths and gifts, navigating the challenges in front of you, making good choices for you, and deciding who you want to be in a world full of change!

Journey to Authentic Identity

Identity is a complex mix of who we are, our experiences and who we want to be in the world. There are so many expectations on us and we are faced with pressure, expectations and conflicting messages from social media and everyone around us on who we need to be and how we need to act. Being the best person you can be starts with being true to yourself. Join us to learn about your inner Captain and Poet and how they can help you show up in the world in an authentic way. Learn how to draw on what is inside of you to live each day more freely, navigate the complex journey of growing up and have some fun along the way!

Being an Amazing Team

Learning to work with others is one of the most important (and hardest!) things to learn. We are all so different and sometimes we don’t know how to interact or get along with others. When we are on a team, there is so much pressure to perform well and get along with everyone as we achieve our goals! Join us to explore your inner Captain & Poet and discover simple strategies for identifying how to align your unique strengths and gifts with those around you. Get a better understanding of how to contribute and solve problems together.  Learn how to harness your talents and be the best team you can be!

Unique Abilities

Not only do each of us have a unique Captain and Poet inside but we also have a unique ability that our Captain and Poet can help us grow and develop. Your unique ability is at the core of who you are the something only you can do exactly the way you do it. When you are using your unique ability, you feel more confident, energized, and feel a sense of stronger sense of purpose in your life. Join us to explore what your special gifts and offerings to the world are and learn how to apply them at school, home, and all areas of your life. Explore how your gifts show up, where they need to show up more and the impact that has on those around you. Learn how to be the best you can be and make the world around you a better place! 

Planning for the Future

There are so many choices today and the pressure to plan your future at this age can be overwhelming. Making decisions can be difficult and the fear of failure sometimes stops us in our tracks. And we are expected to know what we want without a lot of experience. Sometimes the hardest part is even knowing where to start.  Join us to learn about your inner Captain and Poet and how they can help you feel more confident planning for your future. Learn how to make authentic choices, make plans that motivate you to move forward, and discover and pursue your dreams!

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