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Learning how to be the best leader you can be starts with self-leadership. Discover and develop your innate abilities – wherever you are on the leadership journey.

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discovering the leader within

Leadership potential exists within us all and is often an untapped resource in the world today. What would the world be like if each of us was free to define our own unique expression of leadership? Join us to explore your inner Captain and Poet and how their partnership has the potential to help you be the best leader you can be. Figure out your authentic leadership identity and see that the secret to being the best leader you can be is by being your best self! 

The Captain and Poet in Sports

Many of us participate in sports, either for fun or as a place to develop ourselves and our abilities. But sports don’t always feel like a safe space for everyone to be their authentic selves. Join us to explore how to bring your full self to sports and to help create a more positive culture that enables everyone to thrive. Explore the ways you are holding yourself back and how it is impacting your performance and experience. Learn how to be a better teammate and leader on the field and in the locker room, no matter what your position – and take yourself and your team to the next level!

Leadership for Life

By elevating our sense of leadership in all aspects of our life we help contribute to a better world. Captain and Poet leaders balance their way of being with action and operate from a place of courage and inspiration. They learn best how to work alongside others by knowing themselves deeply and learning how to work with the Captains and Poets in others. Join us to learn about your inner Captain and Poet, deconstruct what true leadership is, and refine your own leadership identity – whether it’s on the world stage or in everyday life!

School Captains

The role of a School Captain is an important part of the fabric of your school culture. Being a School Captain demands bringing your best leadership skills to rise to the challenges, speak up for others, set an example, solve problems, collaborate with other leaders and help create a positive experience for everyone. Join us to explore your inner Captain and Poet and how their partnership has the potential to help you be the best leader you can be. Expand your leadership skills to inspire others and have a greater impact and positive influence on your school and community!

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