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We have a wide range of Principal SEL Workshops to offer that can be customized to your needs.

Self-Awareness | Connection | Inclusion & Belonging | Leadership

Measure What Matters - Assessing Your School's Vital Signs

The unprecedented conditions in schools are presenting unique social, emotional and academic challenges for principals. One of the biggest inhibitors to engaging and rallying staff to remedy these challenges is uncovering and naming the often hidden factors at play so that they can be measured and managed. Join us to learn how to identify target areas of focus and engage your teachers in remedying key issues with greater ease. Leverage tools and strategies that address these “invisible” factors in the classroom and establish a more positive school culture. Participants will complete a globally-normed and validated Educational Vital Signs anonymous assessment to customize the session to their needs.

Parent Engagement

Parent engagement is key to building a strong school community and student success. Join us for this interactive workshop and create a common language around authentic identity that supports students’ sense of well-being, inclusion & belonging and achievement. Parents will gain valuable insights into their child’s orientation to the world and what they need to thrive. Students will have the opportunity to explore themselves and others in new and inspiring ways and to have their voices showcased. Schools will be able to leverage the power of connection to ignite transformation in the school community from young people themselves. Certificates and home resources will also be provided to support ongoing reflection and discovery.


Trauma-Informed Practices in the Classroom

The role of trauma in learning is gaining increasing attention but educators are often challenged to find the time and resources they need to address the role that adverse childhood experiences play in the classroom. Join us to assess your school’s current performance in addressing the core pillars of trauma-informed teaching and identify key areas for improvement. Understand the latest research on brain function and learn practical, easy to implement strategies to create immediate, school-wide impact. Participants will complete a brief, anonymous, self-scoring assessment to customize the workshop experience.

Inspiring Motivation in a Time of Overwhelm

Multiple competing priorities and staff overwhelm are making it more challenging for principals to sustain and inspire motivation in the workplace. These conditions further impact our orientation to future thinking which is a key source of inspiration as we move from school year to school year.  Take this opportunity to gain clarity on the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that inspire you in your leadership and how to enable teachers to gather the steam they need to move through these challenging times. Participants will have the option of completing a personal SEI Leadership Assessment or an anonymous Group Assessment that will be used to frame the workshop.

Self-Awareness: The Missing Link

Self-awareness improves our relationships, our performance and our ability to navigate challenges – but most of us overestimate our own. An HBR study found that 95% of people think they’re self-aware, when only 10-15% are.  A lack of self-awareness limits our ability to empathize, understand our students, and be open to new approaches. Further, working with colleagues who lack self-awareness compounds stress on the job, decreases motivation, and increases turnover. Join us to unpack what it means to be self-aware and see how it impacts you day-to-day. Learn simple but powerful strategies for strengthening your effectiveness as a leader, and your team’s impact in the classroom by learning how to see ourselves in new and empowering ways. Participants will complete a confidential 360 Self-Awareness Assessment to identify opportunities for growth.

Custom Workshops

Is there a specific topic you are interested in exploring on a deeper level?  We love to collaborate and design custom programming based on the needs and interests of participants. And chances are if you want it, someone else does too so please reach out!

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