Innovation / PRO Grant Workshops 2023-24

Creating a true sense of inclusion and belonging within the school environment means engaging parents/caregivers in meaningful dialogue that creates sustainable change. The Innovation / PRO Grant offers a unique opportunity to take a community-centred approach to enhancing students’ sense of well-being, belonging, and agency in the world. 

Fostering a Healthy Sense of Well-Being & Belonging in Schools


Creating Connection & Belonging

Well-Being & Me!

Fostering Resilience in ourselves & our children

NAVigating Change & Challenges

Nurturing Your Kids' Superpowers

Helping Your Kids Develop an inner compass

Combined Parent/Student Workshop Package

As part of Innovation Grants Parent Workshops, we are offering an accompanying student workshop to help bring the messages of the Innovation Grant to life in the student body. A sample student workshop is listed below:


Our children are growing up in complex times and what we want most for them is to be alright. Promoting well-being and inclusion in schools starts with self-awareness and connection to self. Nurturing authenticity, compassion, and connection contributes to well-being and inclusion in schools. In this workshop, students will discover their unique strengths and gifts and recognize that “we are all the same because we are all different”. Through story, students will gain appreciation for individual experiences while connecting on the common language of Captain and Poet and how they show up in other students’ lives.

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About the Workshops

Captains & Poets programming bridges Well-Being and Belonging in an approachable way enabling parents and teachers to better partner around student success. 

Captains & Poets workshops open up new pathways to inclusion and belonging in the school community with a focus on: 

  • Nurturing student well-being in the day-to-day
  • Empowering students to feel a positive sense of agency in the world
  • Enabling students to tap into their innate strengths and gifts to contribute to the world around them
  • Fostering connection to self and others
  • Creating safer and “braver” spaces for people to show up as their authentic selves
  • Amplifying key messaging around inclusion and belonging in your school
  • Opening up critical conversations that foster deeper partnerships with parents/caregivers
  • Igniting positive transformation in schools from students themselves
  • Creating a positive school culture

Join us to uncover simple and innovative approaches to exploring, encouraging and embracing well-being & belonging in your school community!

Customize Your Workshop!

$700 - $1495
  • 45-90 minutes / Virtual or In-Person
  • 1-3 facilitators (depending on length of workshop and area of focus)
  • Customized to address key issues and needs specific to your school community
  • Pre and Post-Assessment Tools (for parents/teachers/students) to gather input and measure impact
  • Access to Books & Resources to bridge communication with the home environment and foster student success
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