Meet Jan Frolic Co-Founder Captains & Poets

I am Jan Frolic, Co-Founder of Captains & Poets and SVP at Women of Influence Worldwide Inc., and I am so happy to finally introduce myself to our growing community of educators, parents and leaders. During my 7 years in the gender equity space, I saw that the conversation around equity, diversity, belonging and inclusion really needed to start happening earlier. It needed to start happening with our kids. Captains & Poets has spent the last 3 years building curriculum, and learning resources to help support the much-needed challenges in our schools, communities, peer groups, work environments & homes.

We have built this for our kids. All of our kids.

We have designed beautiful, turnkey, teacher-led curriculum resources for classrooms, schools and boards across the world. Additionally, we are publishing Activity Books for Primary and Junior age children in order to support these conversations in the #home.

There is a Captain and Poet in every one of us. When they work together we are our best self. When we are our best self, we are self-aware.  Self-awareness is the path to inclusion. Inclusion is where we need to get to.