Meet Jan Frolic

We all want to be our best selves. We all want to belong. We all want to be happy. We all want a better world. And sometimes we all need a little inspiration! 
After witnessing a decade of challenges across industries and organizations, Jan knew there must be a better way to create healthier, more successful work and school environments where we all thrive.
Join Jan Frolic in a thoughtful, passionate and inspiring interactive keynote exploring what it means to be our best selves and to navigate the world around us with authenticity and compassion. Hear Jan’s fresh perspective on what it takes to be comfortable with who you are and walk away with tools that will transform your perspective on how you show up in the world, move from fear to confidence and connection, and understand that when you show up authentically for yourself and others everything else will begin to fall into place.
Through the lens of Captain and Poet, Jan enables people to harness what is innately within them so that they are empowered to show up fully, transform the environment around them, and thrive in their personal, academic, and future lives as the beautiful individuals they were meant to be.
Jan is a multi-industry entrepreneur, a former corporate leader in the Diversity & Inclusion space and her absolute joy is found in connection to others and building a strong network of incredible humans who are compassionate, global citizens.  She has an Honours B.A. in Sociology and is a mother to three young adults. In Jan’s world each day is an opportunity to connect, grow and experience joy and fulfillment in an ever changing and complex world. 

Self-Awareness | Connection | Inclusion & Belonging | Leadership