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The Senior Program contains 40+ hours of content addressing comprehensive SEL competencies and inquires into the challenges of navigating the inner and outer dynamics of identity in a complex world. The main focus is on self-leadership and the formation and expression of the authentic self while encouraging more inclusive attitudes, behaviours and social environments. The Superpowers in focus are empathy, compassion, self-compassion, gratitude, resilience, curiosity and courage, emotional courage and inspired action.

Lessons align to Language Arts, The Arts (Drama, Dance, Visual Arts and Music), Social Studies, Health, Career Studies and SEL curriculum. Lesson formats include video, discussion, reading, writing, role playing, personal reflection, metacognition, experiential exercises, visual arts and multi-media components.  Each lesson averages 40 minutes with multiple activities available to adjust task demands for individual students and accommodate multiple learning modalities. Included in the package are digital copies of Lessons, Worksheets, Reward Charts, Certificates and the Teacher’s Guide.

Please note that the INTRODUCTORY MODULE lays the foundation for all other modules.


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