Meet Jennifer Johnson Co-Founder Captains & Poets

I am Jennifer Johnson, Co-Founder of Captains & Poets and I am so grateful to be connected with our growing community of #educators#parents and #leaders.

As a parent, a former educator, an entrepreneur and a passionate changemaker, I want all kids to be empowered and to thrive as they navigate the complexities of identity and life.

My M.A. in Curriculum, Teaching and Organizational Learning was inspired by a fascination with how presenting something in a slightly different way can give access to new insights and ideas. Over my professional life this has shown up in writing curriculum and special education resources for #teachers, designing programs and architecting industry conferences that make complex issues approachable and actionable.

Captains & Poets is our attempt to further the inclusion conversation and catalyze positive change – to move from information to transformation – and to make it easier for educators and leaders to effect that change.

There is a Captain and Poet in every one of us. There is so much to navigate today, and we all need that inner compass more than ever.