Being Your Best Self

Being a kid today can be overwhelming. You are growing up in a complex world and are faced with pressure, expectations and conflicting messages from media and everyone around you. It gets so confusing sometimes!

What we all sometimes forget is that the answers are already inside of us. Being your best self means being your authentic self. Join us to explore your inner Captain & Poet and discover simple strategies for:

  • Identifying your unique strengths and gifts
  • Navigating the challenges in front of you
  • Making good choices for you
  • Deciding who you want to be in a world full of change

Participants will receive a Captains & Poets Certificate and Swag Bag!

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4 four-hour sessions Monday to Thursday, followed by light follow-up practicum each day

Includes 30 minute lunch and one 5 minute break.

Registration fees are non-refundable.