Canadian Organization Brings Inclusion and Connection into the Classroom

Canadian Organization Brings Inclusion and Connection into the Classroom

New curriculum addresses systemic well-being and academic challenges exacerbated by COVID-19 pandemic

Toronto, ON, November 19, 2021 – A new curriculum for kids in kindergarten to grade 12 aims to bridge Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with Inclusion programming to help create greater connection in the classroom. Releasing its new adolescent documentary-style instructional video ahead of World Children’s Day (November 20), the ground-breaking curriculum aims to prioritize self-awareness, connection and wellbeing to better enable kids to navigate their circumstances with authenticity and to create a better world.

Traditional approaches to education often fail to be inclusionary and accessible to many, leaving the most vulnerable children behind. The COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated the flaws in our current system. The programming has been developed by Captains & Poets, a Canadian organization that is revolutionizing education at home and around the world.

The unique programming aligns seamlessly to what is currently being taught in schools so as not to burden teachers with “another thing on their plate”. It is also designed to complement current efforts to educate on diversity and inclusion issues plaguing our schools and, most importantly, to create transformation from kids themselves.

In the words of one student in the new documentary-style instructional video: “If everyone was their best Captain and Poet, I think that we would see true change in the world. We wouldn’t just see, you know, superficial change or performative action. It would be really true understanding of each other and the world.”

This program supports young people in developing into responsible, caring and actively engaged global citizens by drawing on the fundamental human nature we all share as inspiration.

This new, integrated approach is especially important in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on children’s mental wellbeing and the erosion of the social fabric in place in school communities. Numerous studies have indicated a dramatic decrease in academic achievement and a critical increase in identity-related incidents as well as mental health concerns.

“We believe young people have everything within them to be resourceful, whole human beings and to thrive as they navigate the journey to adulthood. By igniting what is naturally authentic and innate within them we empower them with a sense of purpose and agency in the world – which is more important than ever in these complex times,” says Jennifer Johnson, Co-founder, Captains & Poets.

“It has become increasingly clear that our school systems need to be proactive in addressing issues such as authentic personal identity and well-being throughout a child’s educational journey so that they feel a sense of belonging and are empowered to be the best version of themselves,” adds Jan Frolic, Co- founder Captains & Poets

This programming has been piloted in twenty schools across Canada in the 2020/21 school year and is currently being run in the public and private system as well as in the UK. Nugent House School, one of

the most notable schools for students with emotional, behaviour and mental health needs in the United Kingdom, implemented the Captains & Poets curriculum earlier this month.

“At Nugent, we have been focussing on enhancing our equality, diversity and inclusivity and this programme from Captains & Poets will further enrich our students, giving them the space and tools to thrive as they navigate their futures. We are very excited to be collaborating with Captains & Poets.” Normandie Wragg, Nugent CEO.

“The Captains & Poets model opens up dialogue about students’ internal and external worlds and helps us teach our students that we are here to support and help them. To love them fiercely,” says
Andy Howard, Headmaster of Nugent.

The organization is currently in talks with school boards and youth organizations across North America to bring the program to as many young people as possible.

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About Captains & Poets

Captains & Poets is a ground-breaking curriculum that bridges Social Emotional Learning with Inclusion initiatives. The program is designed to show young people the value of being their whole, authentic selves so that they can accept and embrace others in the same spirit. Captains & Poets offers turn-key, teacher-led programming that is simple but rich and can be applied to a single classroom

or leveraged school-wide to establish a more inclusive culture. Aligned with the K-12 curriculum, the program provides teachers with foundational support to address critical diversity, equity and inclusion policies and mandates in a positive, meaningful and engaging way. www.captainsandpoets.com