The Yer of the Inner Compass
by Katrina MacGibbon As we transition into 2022, I am feeling a renewed sense of hope, eagerness, and anticipation for the possibilities ahead. This might seem strangely optimistic as we already find our ourselves in a similar situation of flux and uncertainty as the previous year gone by. Admittedly, I am also exhausted and anxious...
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Heart Mind Wellbeing
by Fiona Douglas-Crampton When I watched the Captains & Poets video, I thought: This is the next generation of Compassionate Leaders….and they are exactly what we need. I have been a student of leadership for a long time – having various roles, including heading up a Women’s Leadership organization.  When I took on the role...
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How Captains & Poets answers the needs of students living with autism spectrum disorder By Adrianna McQuaid Policy makers around the world are aware of the urgent need for mental health supports in schools. With an increasing number of students labelled “exceptional” each year, the pressure on school boards and public health agencies has only...
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